The Crew

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Connor Jackson

As tough as it is to leave such an awesome job behind (go SpaceX!), I felt like it was time to pursue the dream. I'll be responsible for maintaining the boat during the trip (the fun part), so I'm thankful that Chase volunteered to do the real work (website, entertainment, etc.). I liked Chase's section on what he will/won't miss so I guess I'll do one too!

Some things I'll really miss: long showers, West Marine, In-N-Out.
Some things I things I won't miss: email, deadlines, and that whole grind.

I'm excited to show Chase "the ropes", and I really, really, really can't wait to start heading south.

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Chase Jackson

After three years in New York, now seemed as good a time as any to put my life on hold and run off for a year with the coolest person I know. Since my knowledge of sailing is virtually nonexistent, I'll be contributing to the trip in other ways: documenting the journey, supplying the tunes, and hooking up the N64.

Some things I'll really miss: my girlfriend, Twitter, health insurance.

Some things I really won't miss: the subway, wintry mix, working for a living.

Mostly I'm just happy to be moving into the only living situation with less space than my current room.

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stuart bentley

I've spent the past four years in Los Angeles (transplant from Michigan!) where I was lucky enough to work and go on some quality adventures with Connor. While I'm not bringing a whole lot of sailing experience to the crew, I'd like to think that my spot-on 18th century British sailor impression will more than make up for that. Anyway - it'd be tough to pass up on a chance to join the Jackson brothers on the Sea Casa!

Some things I'll really miss: returning to summertime Michigan, ice water

Some things I really won't miss: Microsoft Office, the 405

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