Day 21!  That's 3 weeks!  Woo!  Not much to report.  We're still blasting along, wind is now consistent 10-12 kts.  Equator sometime tomorrow afternoon?  F yeah!  Cheers.


It looks as though we may cross the equator tomorrow! We're around 100nm above the line and are cruising under some really great wind. We've received a ton of advice/information on equator crossing ceremonies (Thank you!) marking our conversion from Polliwogs to Shellbacks but have not really ironed out the details. Rest assured that it will be both very poorly planned and extremely elaborate.

We've had an absolutely beautiful couple of days. The wind has picked back up, blowing away some of the heat that we'd expected at these latitudes. Nightwatch (no rain last night!) is perfect light jacket weather, and last night's stars were out in force.

Fun happenings:
1) Connor won another game of Rummy 500 last night, and I'm starting to wonder why I'm still subjecting myself to that punishment. If anyone knows another good three person card game, an email with the rules would be much appreciated!
2) We've officially tried all of our flavors of Tang and have cycled back to the start of the list. Best: Melon & Pina Colada.
Maybe we'll start mixing soon? Who knows. 

Take care and thanks for reading!


21 days in, and the party continues. The exciting news of the day is that with the two navel oranges the three of us split at lunch, we have officially used up the last of our fresh produce. The decision to bring anything fresh at all was somewhat spur-of-the-moment, and my original meal plan left it out completely. However, the selection at the store was incredible, and passing on it seemed like something we would quickly regret (even if it meant using a kitchen knife underway). So we ended up setting off with a small selection of apples, oranges, tangerines, mangos, avocados, bell peppers, cucumbers, garlic, jalapenos, and onions; everything was thoroughly washed in a very weak bleach solution, and each piece of citrus was wrapped in foil and shoved into a dark cubby next to all my diabetes gear (I had read that citrus stored in this way would keep for up to six months—don’t believe everything you read). The foil must only act to keep the fruit separate in case of contamination, which is exactly what happened; we ended up losing an orange and two tangerines to mold/bugs, but thankfully the majority stayed fresh, and the two oranges we finished today tasted like they had been bought yesterday. If I had to do this again (and I cannot think of a reason why I would), I don’t think I’d change much other than maybe adding some fresh root vegetables and searching harder for a wider variety of dried fruit (though we’ve learned that raisins and dried chili mango will get you a remarkably long way). Now, it’s just a matter of keeping the fridge cold enough that our meat, dairy, and insulin doesn’t go bad. And in the meantime, there are plenty of canned beans left to go around! More updates tomorrow, we have some exciting milestones coming up.

Chase Jackson