Okay, I’m ready for a cheeseburger. It’s day 27 and the GPS is showing less than 250 miles to go, but I am ready for that cheeseburger right now. Even though it’s been rainless the last 24 hours, we’re continuing to contend with a fatty swell right on our port beam. We can’t head west to go with the direction of the swell for fear of overshooting the Marquesas and having to fight back upwind, so instead we’re dealing with waves slapping the side of the boat and continued nonstop rolling. But I guess if I didn’t want to constantly feel the ground tipping over under my feet, I wouldn’t have left land for a month. 

Every few minutes, it feels like Sea Casa launches off the top of a swell, catches some air, and then bellyflops back into the water a second later. It is not a pleasant sound, it is not a pleasant feeling, and every time it happens you can witness Connor experiencing physical pain as he tenses every muscle in his body. As if things couldn’t get any worse, we’re also all out of artichoke dip. It’s time to get to Hiva Oa. 

In happier news, I won at rummy. More tomorrow.


Day 27.  Weather remains... consistent (damn).  Spirits are high, but we're ready to get there.  Final countdown.  Little things are breaking constantly, so its nerve wracking going to bed every night wondering what will break next, which is probably a bad attitude to have.  Yesterday, the spinnaker halyard shackle (the cotter ring quick-release style) flew off the spinnaker car and started flailing wildly in the wind.  When I retrieved it, half the metal pieces of the shackle were missing.  How does that even happen?  Today I noticed a leak in the cabin around the chainplates, and another out of starboard hatch, which could potentially leak onto a breaker panel.  On top of this, I've begun my demise as King of Rummy.  I am losing by a large margin.  By the time I go on my night shift tonight, it will be less than 200 nm to Hiva Oa.  Let's go!

Chase Jackson